Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Selling - - on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy, and a podcast list.

So far, Amazon has been my biggest selling site.

But Ebay and Etsy might catch up, once I have listed enough things on those sites.

I hope to start with Playing Cards soon, but want to re-join a fun Card Group first.

Right now, I sell mostly books. And book sets. Some I have read, but some not. I have some art on Etsy too, and hope to get back into that soon again too.

It was fun writing on Squidoo. But the owners decided to close it up years ago. I just now got rid of my Squidoo website. I was not posting on it, so it really didn't matter. I don't see the site coming back anytime soon.

Seth Godin was one of the owners, I think. He has gone on to write more books. I'll bet the site was making money, but I'm just guessing. For those who were not there, this was a fun article-writing site that shared revenue with writers. It had a great Member Area where you could learn more about it too. Some of my fellow writers and sellers there are now on Facebook OR are selling on their own websites now.

I have subscribed to several podcasts about selling, that have some great ideas they share. One recent idea was to try out new products from other people's stores, and see how they sell. A somewhat obvious piece of advice was to research what is selling well on other sites. This can be done online and you don't need to have much expertise to do it. Much info. is online about this. (Market Research).

See also what is NOT at Amazon yet, and get your foot in with a product, and see what happens. I have heard somewhere that Amazon will eventually try to get into your same market, so you need to keep looking and seeing your opportunities.

(So, it seems worth a try.) More on that later.

The usual Ebay advice I have seen is to get rid of things at your house first, then decide what to buy and sell at a profit. There is still opportunity out there, because the big companies do not have a monopoly on everything - yet!

I thought MAYBE that having my own selling website would be an option. But I think unless I am selling a LOT at once, it probably would not be a good idea right now.

Also, listing, listing, listing is a good idea until you get maybe at least 100 items on each site. THEN you can decide if things are working for you. Because until then, your items will probably not get much attention.

Another new item - good vs. bad. GOOD: Corel has made a MAC version of Corel Draw and more. BAD: It costs $500. Darn.

Here are a few podcasts I am listening to for online selling advice:
The Amazing Seller
Selling on Ebay
Selling Online Today
Silent Sales Machine Radio
Building Billion Dollar Companies
Reezy Sells Podcast
The Unstoppable Entrepreneur Show
There are many more - - also Writing ones.  

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Onward and Upward!

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