Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's hard to find my Blogger blogs anymore. It's time to make new bookmarks.

Are any fellow bloggers out there?
or: Help! I can't see my blog anymore. Where did it go?

I am thinking there MIGHT be a few bloggers reading this that also have been having problems with the new Blogger update. AND readers of blogs might be finding that the blogs you subscribe to have been a while in updating... read on, and find out one reason why this could be.

Anyway, I have more than one blog. This is one of them. I like it! But have not been writing here. Why not, you might ask?

Because, when I used to go "visit" my blogs (at the main Blogger page - - this is the platform I am currently using) - - I saw all my blogs at once, and when they were posted to. It gave me a huge clue and helped me know when things were done last. (So I could know...) I don't have an automatic update feature sending me a reminder email. The page did that whenever I went to it, and that USED to be often.

Blogger has rearranged this "main page" to only feature ONE blog. It's the one latest posted to. The others easily drop of out sight, because you have to kind of "do research" to find them from a new dropdown menu. There is no more easy checking of blogs here.

Nobody seems to know why this was done. I can't figure it out either, except maybe to make things seem new.

SO, it's time for bloggers to rearrange their blogs, or make a webpage to help themselves out. OR do bookmarks so they can go do each blog in order. AND make a notebook to double check when updates have been made.

Some bloggers are saying they are now investigating switching to another blog service. But I will see if I can make some other kind of list that is easy to find, and easy to check.

This research and re-doing my links is definitely on my list to do very soon. Come to think of it, all of my bookmarks do need arranging anyhow. So this will really be a good thing. And who knows what cool links I will find while doing it?


More: I want to wish everyone a GREAT holiday. I hope Santa brings you some neat things.


Onward and Upward!

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