Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My fun visit to Camp Holloway!

 I am very happy I was able to attend the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Girl Scout Collector Show recently. (And finally publish this page!)

This was from the second day of the show.

We saw antique and vintage patches, patch displays under glass, pins, books, hats, uniforms from all eras, games, historic photos, handbooks, Custom Barbies, the Girl Scout Shop, (which was open!) and more. We also got invited to lunch, (thanks, all!) but had a prior lunch date, so could not go.

This was a big event. The venue was so beautiful. We learned about the history of this camp too. The camp is named after is named after Josephine Groves Holloway, founder of the first African-American Girl Scout troop in Nashville. Ms. Holloway had a huge hand in this camp forming and being there for the girls. It is a very popular camp today too.

I'd love to look around this property more next year. It looked like some troops had camped out this weekend. The camp had really nice signs showing where to go to find different camp activities.

And did I say the camp had a pool too? AND a huge screened porch for this building.

One of the photos following shows the lovely roof of this event's room. Next time (and I hope they hold this event next year!) I hope to look around even more.

I met some great new Girl Scout friends here, who were extra friendly, and found some neat things to take home.

Here are some photos from the event:

The Welcome Table (with FREE stuff!)

A comfy nook inside the front doors.

Merana Cadorette - - and her tables.

Merana Cadorette's posters

Merana's Barbies

More of the table.

Merana and some customers.

The Guest of Honor - Our Founder!

Rickey, Ms. Lowe, and Me

Merana and Ms. Low (she made her!)

How neat to get to meet her in person...

What a beautiful building!

Look who Juliette Low brought with her! Her pet bird.

I didn't notice Juliette's Lows pet bird when I first saw her. She is in her lap

-Betsy S.

The flower border art is from Little Brownie Bakers art section.

Onward and Upward!

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