Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do you ever overschedule yourself? I do.... and I'm saying NO to perfectionism.

It is SO easy to do.

You just say "yes" to one - - or fifteen - -  too many things.

At a point when you can't easily read your calendar anymore, I must stop and regroup. (And stop saying "yes"...)

It's one thing to have lots of projects. It's another thing to have too MANY projects, plus deadlines.

But I can only do my best, with the time given. And it's the time aspect that I am working with, reassigning priorities to see what works best for me.I have some books to finish, that will soon be at the TOP of my Priorities List again.

It can be exciting to try to "do it all" with groups, organizing, and more. But sometimes it's exhausting too. And I personally want to do a good job with everything I am working on.

Right now I am prioritizing. I know there is a reason for every commitment. Sometimes I can ALSO decide to not be such a perfectionist. This can save important time. Doing something well - - or even OK - -  does not mean doing it perfectly all the time. (This has taken awhile for me to realize this...) And doing something and getting it done "OK" is better than not doing it at all.

SO.. it might be possible to be successful and still busy, getting everything done, but not expecting to do everything perfectly. The best I can in the time given, YES. :-) Will some people maybe think my best at the time is not good enough? Maybe. But I can live with that.

A friend of mine said today that if this happens to them, they will say, "Here you go, you can HAVE my job... if you think you can do it better." Hmmm... that would be hard to do for me, but not impossible. I'd have to think about it some. Delegation can be a good thing too, if you can find people to delegate to that you can really trust.

I'm making some hard choices, by deciding what is MOST important in each day to others AND for myself. I am also working on my list, and getting a LOT done. So that is something good to take away from a very busy time.

My blogs (this one included!) are important to me. They are also fun. So WHEN (not "if") I get a NEW calendar with more jobs on it, I will be sure to include that!

I have some photos to post soon. I was SO busy that I put my battery charger for my present camera in a different place than usual. But I found it. Yay!

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