Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Updating all my blogs, INCLUDING this one. More news - - and more projects.

Updating blogs is SO important. AND doing what is on your list to do...

I need to do updating of this and other blogs more. At least once every 2 weeks. Which really is NOT optimal (I've heard once a week at LEAST, is better.) But that's OK if you must do other things. Like finish books, and put things online for sale, work on the long-deglected yard, etc. etc. I will be putting due dates on blog postings on my calendar very soon. I think this will help.

Today I'm downtown again (as part of my plan), and NOT working on art. One of these days I will. BUT today (for part of the day) I am catching up on Blog Updates.

What I must do is WORK HARDER at getting what is on my list DONE. This is easier said than done. But today, I am doing my updating and having FUN at it (see the last part of this blog...)

I hope you are doing well, my fantastic readers...
I just thought I'd put that out there. What are YOU doing lately? Leave a comment if you have time. Are you inspired to get things done? Are you writing To Do lists and really following them? I am writing everything down in my calendar, AND looking at it every day. This helps me. Now to find a little-ISH calendar that has more room for more things on it.

I have some great ideas for my art right now. Today, I'm working on updating blogs, checking Unofficial pages, working on Facebook (no, not scrolling and getting info., althought that would be a GREAT time-waster), updating Unofficial event calendars, and tweeting a tad, 2 times per account today. (I have 3 accounts.)

Websites and Pinterest
One thing I should also do, and that is fun too, is updating my websites and Pinterest pages. That is sometimes a way to get ideas of all kinds, which (of course) is also fun. When I post on Twitter, that goes to my Betsyanne site, which is good. Also, current Pinterest finds also show up there. Also, updating websites is a GREAT idea right now, because current Google ads need tweaking to be able to show up better on Smartphones. A heads up for myself and whoever else does websites and uses Google Ads.

Book Listing
My "one-two-a-day" book listings (for sale on Amazon and Ebay) are on my list. I hope to get 50 listings on each site by November. Just writing it down DOES help me.

Links to My Books
Sooner or later, (hopefully SOONER), I will have page links to my own books here. I have rough drafts on a couple, and just an update to be done on another, so really, that is do-able this year too. One is largely a "links" book, so each link will need to be checked, of course, one by one, before the Third Edition.

A new Crossword idea
This is really exciting for me. I also plan to start an "Easy-to-Do" crossword, which I can share more than one place, including on a new Newsletter for a local club. I hopefully will be able to share it here, too. I found that doing crosswords in the local paper and also in USA Today is problematic. Most of the time, I do not finish the crossword at all. The clues for each word are hard for me. So hopefully my crossword will be easier for people.

Paper Dolls
I love paper dolls. I always have. I have purchased some great antique paper dolls I hope to share and sell later on. But that's another story. :-)  I hope to scan them and maybe resize them too. AND put them on nice semi-heavy stock.

Television is taking a back seat. Although it is still tempting to watch it at times. Unless I am doing laundry or it's after 5, though, I am mostly doing other things. Just saying. It's easy to get sidetracked when you are watching TV. For me, at least. I do best when concentrating all the way.

Wish me luck! And the BEST of luck in your endeavors too.

Quotes for the Week:  

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. Lyn Yutang

"Find the fun - - have fun with what you are doing. It can make ALL the difference." -Bob Brigl 

"Sometimes you must inspire yourself..." -EAH

Onward and Upward!

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