Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Mobile Homes Vs. Houses - just saying! But I like my doublewide anyhow.

I really like my mobile home.

Seriously. It is a doublewide, and SO much bigger than the older singlewide trailer I used to live in. But still, space is limited.

Plus, it has a real yard too.

We are fixing it up a little at a time. Which it needs a LOT.

Sometimes, I think I would rather have a house. Because... they have basements, and sometimes we have bad storms here. Plus, they sometimes have storage in attics. And keep their value pretty well.

I weathered a tornado that went over my garage once. It was scary! We ran out there and crouched under a table (my daughter and I). Talk about loud! Anyway, we were OK.

Another plus, there is room for a garden here, also also on the plus side (thus: my From the Garden Spot blog that points here) and there is room for raised beds inside a chain link fence.

I like that. Plus, any visitors with dogs have a safe place for them to run.

A dreamy Victorian house. ::::sigh::::

You generally don't hear a lot of good things about mobile homes, but to me, they are vaguely like the new Tiny Homes, generally smaller than most homes, and generally OK on utilities. Trailers, regular and doublewides, have a place, definitely.

I didn't know before, but to put another house on property you own, it must be at least an acre, and preferably larger. Just saying. Storage Units are OK though. And a Little House would also be OK if the law permitted it, which it doesn't. Darn.

I enjoy looking at Little House designs and seeing how much bigger the trailer is! And I like to see photos sometimes of busy streets that don't have a farm on the other side of the road. It is relaxing to look across the street and see farmland. Plus, it's also enjoyable to see the cows, donkey, and miniature horse relaxing over there. Once in awhile you see a possum or a turkey.

There is a soap (?) factory past the farm. At night, the lights are on and if you squint, it looks like a big, very tall castle. And you can see some of the stars here, and are not too far at all from town.

We have many birds, some bunnies, and an occasional possum.

All for today. So the trailer wins against a house, for now. But like the photo above, I do think about them once in awhile.

Onward and Upward!


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