Thursday, August 13, 2015

Overdue Posting! Getting the trailer paneled, Weeds begone!, Girl Scouts, Paper Dolls

Yes, this is an Overdue Posting, like many lately. But I'm getting back on track, and that always feels good.

I hope to get at least two postings per week done without fail later on, because I will want to feature my items on Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy. And that means, ramping things up for sure.

The trailer is being paneled this week. Yay! It really needs it. It has been a long time just getting everything organized. My Aunt is used to doing this, and my Mom had lots of experience, but me? Not so much. I do know that not everyone prefers to work on doublewides though.

Weeds have been cut back to allow the work to start. I'm looking forward to seeing it get done. We also got the wasps and hornets out of the way. No, it was not a big nest, but it was not the tiny kind either. It was in the shape of a round light.

Girl Scout recruitment is on for here and many areas. I have been helping to start a new troop called the International Arts and Adventure Troop for 7th through 12th grades. So far, so good. I can't wait until it gets a number and is official.

Paper dolls... I love them. I have ordered some older ones and hope to scan them and make a package for people like me that love older paper dolls and print them up to sell.

More: It's astounding how nature reclaims itself if you don't keep cutting bushes, plants, etc. back every year. Wow.

The weather here is not as jungle-like this week. That is a good thing.

Next year, will I grow some vegetables? It would be smart. Raised beds? Maybe. A cold frame made with a window? Maybe. I talked about it today.

I almost forgot to mention: Will I finish my books? Will I do those paintings? Stay tuned.

I hope things are going well for all my wonderful readers.

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