Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My News for the Snowpocalypse... Kentucky style. And more. Feb 17 2015

Well, we got snowed upon.

I posted some photos on Facebook. Here are a couple of them.
This car is no longer here. Rickey has it at his job. He barely made it out.

Snowy trees... the farm across the way.

It snowed, and snowed, and then snowed some more. I hear the major roads are passable, but this road is not. Rickey barely missed some other cars yesterday. Luckily, with his job, he can stay there, which is a good thing. A heavy duty truck may stop by to stock him up with supplies and lunches today. We'll see.

I saw a cloud of smoke as the wheels spun when he was caught in a little dip by the mailbox. Ack.

More news
I got some other postings done, AND rediscovered an old notebook, which I used to tape articles in and save websites 10-15 years or MORE ago. I decided to blog about it at my From the Garden Spot Blog. I call this first posting "Discoveries from the Secret (and forgotten) Notebook - Part One." There are some fun sites and thoughts in here. AND some websites have just disappeared or morphed into something else.

ZZ Top is on the way to BG for the Lost River Music Fest on March 28th at the BG Ballpark. Just saying. This should be pretty popular.

Selecting Books from my overhuge collection
I'm selecting books to sell from my humongous stash. It should not be a problem to come up with another box of these and price them today.

More beheadings....
This time of Egyptian Coptic Christians. I can't wrap my mind around it, it is just so hideous and awful. And now (of course) this group has the Egyptians very angry. 

Record Lows tonight?
It may get really cold tonight and tomorrow. Already the cupboards are open, and the water dripping as a precaution. Someone on Facebook said that their chimney was on fire yesterday! But they ( am assuming the Fire Department) caught it before it fired the whole house up. Scary stuff. And someone else's car was snowed into a snowbank and someone helped her shovel out and get on the road. There are also photos of wrecks in Nashville. It MIGHT start to thaw out on Friday.

And here is something I just saw online: It's an article about travel.... if you can, travel EARLY with your loved one. Don't just say "We'll do that later..." Someone I care about told me to do this too. I'm working on it...

Here is that article: Here's How to Avoid One of the Most Common Life Regrets.

FYI: Some of my other websites and blogs are: The Nontraditional Student Blog and website, GS Betsy's E-blast (for Kentuckiana Area 17 and Beyond), From the Garden Spot (another Betsyanne blog), The Find Scholarships and Grants blog, and The Teacher Tree (I will be working more on this one later this year).
Onward and Upward!



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