Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Jordanian pilot (could not watch), Weather, Games and Songs, Art musings...

This week has been intense. 

I was online and saw a posting by Queen Rania of Jordan today about the killing of the Jordanian pilot by ISIS. I can only imagine what she said on this posting today, but I did notice that there was a plane and also a flag. The plane looks like a bird too. If anyone knows Arabic, I would greatly appreciate a translation.

I would post it here, but I am not sure what it says. The comments are translatable, but not the posting, since it is a photo.

Here is her FB page: I could not watch the video of the Jordanian pilot... it was too awful.

I was SO hoping they would let this man go or trade for him.  I am devastated by this.

We here in South Central Kentucky have escaped much of the huge snowfall and power outages on the news last week. So far. Fingers are crossed.

Games and Songs
On the plus side, yesterday I had a great time teaching Songs and Games to a local Girl Scout troop of Daisies and Brownies. How cute and funny they are at that age. They loved doing the action song(s) of the Princess Pat (old, respectful version - - no tree involved) and Pass the Shoe game (a traditional Girl Scout favorite). I did an evaluation at the end. It turns out that the Pass the Shoe game (my personal favorite) was the most popular. It makes for many laughs, which is a fun change of pace for this week.

Art musings
I simply MUST do some art. An artist I know locally is posting her art this week and probably next. I can do that too, but then it will run out because I have not made any NEW art lately. So I will need to do that. Just saying. I an getting up my motivation for that.

So... Back to work - work and never shirk, etc.


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