Saturday, January 24, 2015

Moon and Willow News for Saturday, January 24th - articles, Saudi Arabia, Frat Party, Greek Tomb, trip to Nashville, more...

All the news that's fit to print, and some not so much. :-)

Well, it snowed.  
Which this winter is pretty rare here this winter in South Central Kentucky. I have to admit that the snow really looked pretty last night, (it was good packing so easy to walk on...) but made the roads a bit less safe this morning, which nixed the Nashville trip. I got used to going to Nashville a lot when I was visiting my Mom, and also got used to being able to buy foods at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, which of course feature natural and organic food, which is SO much better than other kinds, I find. ::::heavy sigh::::

We'll have to reschedule. Darn.

Continuing neat Catalog cataloging.
I have my #3 posting done today. It features the neat catalogs of the Victorian Trading Company, the Caretaker Gazette, the National Geographic gift catalog, and the Vermont Country Store catalog. These are all perfect catalogs to curl up with on a day like today.

The Outdoor Journey Project
This site is still attracting new members.  I am very happy about that. There is LOTS of interest this week, because GSUSA made an announcement about the new outdoor badge they are doing. About the group: we are working towards getting more official Outdoor Program back in Girl scouting. IF you would like to help, and are a Girl Scout, a Scouter, a Boy Scout leader, or a Supporter, come join us here at the Facebook page: Our website is here: if you would like to come and visit to learn more.

Sad News of Two Kinds
I have a relative who is very ill in the hospital, and has stopped eating. This is, of course, her choice, but it is sad because I love her very much. And a friend is coping both with the death of her mother and her daughter. I wish I could reach out to her via phone or mail. I have tried. Anyway, I am sad this week for sure. I would tell their names, but won't because they may not want the publicity.

House Hunting
I look at online houses for sale in the area a lot. They are usually priced over my budget (very small) and there are some projects I'd like to get done on where I live too (first, before moving), but it can be fun to look around and just see what kinds of houses are available. My favorite dream house would be someplace with LOTS of storage. I love older houses, but most times they are expensive. But beautiful. I love it that there are houses listed online, along with photos most times. Trulia is my favorite site to search. I think it's cool that you can check values for houses even NOT for sale there.

News I posted about today.
President Obama is going to the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi. I KNOW he is going to love this parade. It is absolutely stupendous. It is good news that he will be talking to India and that our countries can become closer. When I saw this parade, there were awesome uniforms, elephants, and tanks.

I hope that the Saudi Arabian women can become more free in that country in the future. I read a series of books about life in Saudi Arabia for a Saudi Princess. These books were very eye-opening. I found out that the late King, Abdullah, was actually in favor of women's rights. But most men in the country want to hold on to their power, and are not as much in favor of more rights for women. Over there, if you wind up in a loveless marriage, there is not a lot women can do about it. It's a lot more basic than just wanting to drive. Here is a link about those books:

I shared online about some Saudi women I recently read about who are under House Arrest right now. I hope the new King there can help. Here is that article too: "Don't forget the late Saudi King's jailed princesses..."
More News
Inside the Frat Party that caused  $75,000 damage.

More Remains Discovered in Greek Tomb That Dates Back to Reign of Alexander the Great

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