Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trees, logos, and more. Updating and checking my blog today. 2 great art link sites!

Photo by cheriedurbin on Morguefile.

Hello, Moon and Willow Tree readers. I am very glad you stopped by today. I was checking in, making sure I was updated here today.

This photo reminds me of Girl Scout Camps. It brings back memories of outdoor cooking, Girl Scout trainings, and the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana's special camps.

Trees were my focus today. Again. Yes, since the Willow Tree has gone, I have not yet planted a substitute. I have thought about planting one for months now. I thought first of an Oak tree, (so majestic - and also strong), then another Willow, (beautiful, magical, but brittle in old age) or a big bush tree that would not get very tall. But I have not yet decided for sure.

Where the tree was, there is an indentation. And the moles are having a field day tunneling in the area. I miss the tree, the shade it provided, and the way beautiful violets grew all around it. Sigh.

To find this picture of other trees, I went straight to the Morguefile site. This site features copyright-free photos, most of which need no attribution. But I like to say who took the photos I use (it's just polite) so there it is.

I had not been to the Morguefile site in awhile, and always like it.

I saw they were on Twitter too, so just now followed them there as @betsyanne. 
If you are there, please follow me.

As for why I don't use Morguefile a lot, I usually try for cartoon, logo-like artwork, which can be found on the Clker site. It's faster there too.

Have a great week.

Onward and Upward!


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