Wednesday, September 03, 2014

More ways to tell if it's going to be a LONG or hard winter this year...

Here are some Kentucky homespun weather wisdom.

Two Kentucky ladies shared their homespun wisdom with me recently.

Of course, everyone has heard SOME ways to tell if a winter will be a hard winter or not. Think: animals having very thick winter coats, and reading what the Almanac says.

But here are some more I didn't know about:

#1. There are 3 Blood Moons - - this means a hard winter.

#2. If you cut a persimmon in half at the first Fall frost, and see either a fork, knife, or spoon pattern inside, it will be a hard winter.

#3. Each fog in August means one snowstorm in the winter.

#4. If it's hard to pull a corn shuck off, it will be a hard winter.

#5. If a nut tree has a lot more nuts than usual, ditto.

#6. If you see a wooly worm, and instead of it having black, brown and black on it, it has solid black, that means trouble. If you see white on it, it means lots of snow.

#7. If hornets build their cones low, it will be a mild winter. If they build them high, that's a bad winter sign.

Can you think of any more? :-)

Onward and Upward!


Fog Photo by Natureworks on Morguefile.

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