Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Squirrel, Neat Facebook pages, plus some other neat sites. Sharing.

A short rant first.

Just a short rant about the Delayed Maintenance at my Homestead.

Ack! There is a lot!

OK, rant over. There is a lot to do before official Fall. I just thought I'd remind myself about that.

Good news. Our squirrel that lived in our huge Willow Tree, showed up today. I have been missing him!

He hides his nuts under our porch. Sometimes he knocks on our door, along with a couple of birds. He now lives in a big tree right across the road. He's better be pretty canny and watch it when running back and forth, because there is a busy road in between. ::::crossing my fingers...::::

Sharing: Some Neat Sites
Ok, here are some neat Facebook pages you may like.

#1. The Writer's Door - talk about content writing for profit. Especially (right now) the end of Squidoo.

#2. Writer Beware - - From the page: "Writer Beware® shines a bright light into the shadow-world of literary schemes, scams, & pitfalls. We also provide publishing news, writing advice, and occasional opinion pieces."

#3. Girl Scout Gab - a neat place to check out for Girl Scout leader and troop advice, links and more.

#4. (mine) The Outdoor Journey on Facebook - this is an unofficial Girl Scout group of Leader-Volunteers and supporters who want more official Outdoor Program back in Girl Scouting.

Online Sites
These are sites I wish I spent more time on...

#1. The NaNoWriMo site - - get ready, November. I'm hopefully joining here again. From the site: "Write a Novel in a Month - Track your Progress - Get pep talks and support - Meet fellow writers online and in person.

#2. The Site Wizard - - lots of great advice is here. I want my sites to work a lot more like his too.

#3.  Mashable - I haven't been here in FOREVER. But when I was, I found awesome sites to share.

#4. Pinterest - - I used to spend WAY too much time here. Now I only spend a little bit of time. And I miss it.

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