Thursday, March 06, 2014

LinkedIn and adding people: my advice - don't try adding from your address book!

My address book adding people "shortcut" turned into a LONG CUT today on LinkedIn.

I had to take EVERY name off of there after what I thought was a short list turned into everyone who has emailed me and is in my address book. They ALL were mailed an invitation.

There was no shortcut to fixing my error either. Each name had to be "uninvited" using many clicks, one.... by.... one.

On the good side, at least people COULD be un-invited. But doing it one by one (fixing the mistake) took hours.

Ack! But it's done now. One or maybe two people got the invitation, but not hundreds, so that part is good. I'm SO glad that job is done. Never, never again will I try to do this kind of shortcut.

On the happy side, here is a neat photo to share from Flickr.

Photo by Michael Coghlan on Fickr.

It makes me think of Spring!


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