Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Time for a New Calendar, and a New 2014 Plan.

1-2014 - An Update.

I am using a new calendar, and deciding what to do for 2014 too. I expect lots of people are doing this right now.


I didn't make any New Years' Resolutions except a couple - - to endeavor to achieve a cost balance cash flow (money in = money out), to devote some time to creativity and finishing projects, and to live each day to the fullest.

Some magazines and books are helping me do this. One is Mary Jane's Farm, a great, fun magazine that features hobbies, a farm lifestyle, and stories of women doing fun things.

Here is her website: (select where to go from this page).


We ran our faucets the last couple of days, and luckily did not have any pipes freeze up.

I rescued my daughter's sheet music which I found in the yard and utilized some book-saving methods I learned from my mother. They are in a book press right now with white-facing paper inbetween each one.


Look for some NEW online selling stores soon from me. I will sell at several venues, hopefully Ebay, Amazon AND Etsy.


And later, maybe I will take or give some classes.

So, what's up with you all? Leave a comment.

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