Thursday, January 16, 2014

My refrigerator was Magically Repaired. Good job, Magically Repaired repair service!

Storm clouds at Mays Lick by Chris Breeze on Flickr

It's raining tonight after an eventful day.

I thought after our very old refrigerator (23 years!) stopped working, that I'd need to buy another one.  But I got on Angie's List and found a great repair service. I liked their name too. It's true - - after thinking I'd need a NEW one, my old one was Magically Repaired instead. :-)

I thought I see if it was easily fixed, then decide.

They came the day after I called, and fixed a switch and now it works. The food's gone from inside to outside and then inside the refrigerator again.

I do appreciate our refrigerator so much, now that we didn't have it for awhile. Now the kitchen's cleaned up, plus the fridge and freezer cleaned too.

I learned a LOT about getting new refrigerators too. Although we have 3 or more stores here in town, they take 2+ days to be delivered. And smaller sized refrigerators are harder to get. So I'm doubly happy that we got to keep our smaller one that fits so well in our kitchen.

There are bottom freezer models now, of course drink dispensers (which I didn't need), french door ones, and super-tall models. I measured twice, then imagined how a larger one would look. Now I don't need to squish one in. Yay.

Happy sigh. I think I'll sleep pretty well tonight!


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