Thursday, January 02, 2014

Can you choose to be happier? These people thought so...

Learning from other's regrets...

Photo by Michael Coghlan on Fickr.

I have read some articles about what people regret doing and NOT doing with their lives at the end of them... But I was curious again. Would these people say something different? So I immediately read it.

Some were afraid to be happy or to be themselves, or to do what made them happy. Some just got used to being UNhappy and it was really hard to get back to the time when they laughed and let life happen.

People wish they had been more courageous in living their lives and expressing their feelings, had not worked so hard, had stayed in touch with their friends more, and had "let" themselves be happier.

Being unhappy can become a habit... I know. But grief and loss need time to heal, if you are going through that too.

So... the difference in this article was that some people realized that being happy was a choice they had not made enough. It's worth thinking about - - for me.

Read more about these things.

Via: Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed

In the new year, I will be trying to follow these ideas so I can make the time I have left (which is unknown!) more meaningful.

And first off I will thank YOU, my readers, for coming by to read this today.

Have a great week.


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