Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Day Traditions - lucky traditional Southern foods

Today we eat Lucky Foods.

Yes, Lucky Foods. It is a long tradition in this area and further South, and probably all over in this country. My husband is from Tennessee, which (I have heard many times) makes him a Southerner through and through.

I am an adopted Kentuckian, though do have some Kentucky roots, through my Grandmother Logsden and a family who lived at Land Between the Lakes before it was made into a Recreation Area.

For those readers who do not know, the traditional menu on New Year's Day for some Southern families includes these three Lucky foods:

1. Black-eyed peas,
2. Pork,
3. Greens (any kind will do).

The Rules of eating these are: you an eat them at any time during the day, you do not have to cook these yourself, and you must eat all three of them.

Eating these foods today will ensure a lucky year. NOT that everything that happens through the year will be lucky, just that if you do NOT eat these foods, things will be worse.

Just an FYI. So eating them will be on the agenda.

Betsy Anne

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