Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas cards - - making my list (again) and sending e-cards next week.

Like many others, I have mailed some Christmas and Holiday cards and packages this week.

I did not do about one hundred, and enclose a letter (which really I hoped to do) but maybe next year I will have advanced enough in organizational skills to do some more.

However, I feel that sending e-cards this year to some more people will really help me get my Card List in order for next year.

The Jacquie Lawson card site will help me do that, as well as my email lists and notes. AND I have to admit, her beautiful Advent Calendar has brought me a lot of happiness too. It's an Edwardian house with pets, activities, and history books to read more about Christmases Past. I like it.

Here is just a clip of the Gardens from her website. Pretty!

Well, like everyone is saying this time of year, have a GREAT holiday, Yule, Solstice celebration, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and etc. etc. this season.

All for now,

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