Monday, December 16, 2013

Inspiration for Ebay Sellers - From Suzanne the Ebay Selling Coach

I've read her postings before. I like them. As I gear up for a store or just to sell more things on Ebay, I like to read about great Ebay Selling Tips and stories like these: other Ebay sellers and how they are making a go on Ebay.

This story is about Tiffany Nabors, who has an extremely well-organized selling space, PLUS has 1370 items listed. 1370?? Wow. I am thinking, what if they all sell at once? She would be wrapping for, like, forever! She'd probably need to get help.

But it's inspiring to hear about. Here is that link:
eBay Selling Coach: eBay Seller Success Story - Tiffany Nabors. 

Here is her store: Round Robin Boutique.

I have sold on Ebay before. I have one thing on there right now, it's a cassette tape version of Sarah the Dutchess of York's book, My Story. I have personally listened to this, and it was really good. But it is a cassette, so you will also need a cassette tape player, which hopefully you already have.

Here is that listing: Sarah the Dutchess of York: My Story.

I prefer cassette tape-books, that or Kindle ones, but cassettes because they are easy to turn off and on, and always start back where you want them to.

Oh - and here is Suzanne's blog, The Ebay Selling Coach. She's on BlogTalk Radio too. Now that also sounds fun.

Have a great day!


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