Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Saving my Bookmarks, My Printshop Dream, Ideas, and the Girl Scout Outdoor Journey Project

Saving my Bookmarks - I keep many bookmarks of interesting places, sometimes saving them to other sites too, like Stumbleupon especially. I use Firefox, and every so often I save them, using their  Bookmarks - Show all Bookmarks - then Backup, in JSON format and html, just in case.

Some of my favorites (so you can explore) are: Twitter,  Ping-O-Matic,, YMLP, Squidoo, Google+, and Pinterest.

My Printshop Dream - always this is a different venue. But another buyer is rumored to have bought the (dream) business, and always we, the employees, are waiting for an update. However, it seems that some other people have gotten the news, and are waiting for more news. Usually I am in the dark, and hear rumors.

The latest twist to this dream is that there seems to be a move in order to another location. As usual, I am the last to now what is going on. (This hearkens back to several true stories, which I won't share here - at least not yet). It is a nightmare, mostly, only with hope, because the ax doesn't quite fall yet, then I wake up.

Ideas - I have many of these, and just must pick one to do first. Finish the books, do the poetry, paint some more, do jewelry, start my Etsy store, etc. etc. Too many projects. Not enough time. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The trick is to MAKE time for what is important.

The Outdoor Journey Project - this Facebook page now has 2000 plus members. My personal motto, "Onward and Upward", does apply to this group, because it keeps growing. The main reason for this group is to come up with ideas to get more official Outdoor Program back into Girl Scouting. This is not going backwards in time, this is fixing a mistake, in my opinion. The Journeys have some good benefits for Girl Scout girls, but Outdoor Education is also very important, and we need more attention paid to it.

The group members have lots of imaginative ideas, and plan to be there handing out buttons at the 2014 National Council Session. WE are Taking Action too, and talking to GSUSA National people too. I believe putting more official Outdoor Program back into the official program will help Girl Scout Camps too. Want to help? Join us!

Here are our sites:

The Outdoor Journey website

The Outdoor Journey Facebook Page

The Outdoor Journey Yahoo group (for people not on Facebook)

I hope you are having a GREAT week, awesome readers.


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