Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Ladies of Charity Clothing Sale 2013 is now on - in Nashville

This event is so awesome.

I would advise any ladies who want to spruce up their wardrobe (for a great price) to visit the Ladies of Charity clothing sale in Nashville, TN.

It will be going on for some time yet. Last year it ran for six weeks. AND they continually refresh the racks with new-to-you things too. They even cluster some things in color groupings.

The Ladies of Charity sale is located at 2216 State Street. Their phone number in Yahoo local is 615-327-3453.

I found some great deals here. And much of the clothing is high-end name brand stuff. I have so much fun here. If you are in the area, check it out! Ms. Cheap (the famous columnist in Nashville) gives their sales a thumbs up too.

Here are a couple of photos of this year's event:

I especially love it that the Ladies sort everything by size, and type of clothing too. For instance, you can find ladies' suits all together, blouses, etc. and even formals.

Want to dress nicely for a fraction of new? This is the best place I have found for that, hands down.


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