Monday, February 18, 2013

Driving home from Tennessee... some window photos

Photos of Tennessee and Kentucky out the car window...

Driving home from Nashville on Saturday, I had some fun shooting the Kentucky and Tennessee countryside out the window.

I find the beautiful Kentucky and Tennessee scenes in this area so relaxing and gorgeous. It just feels peaceful to me to gaze out on the scenes going by here.

That day, the clouds were luminous. I wish I could have gotten a 3D picture of those right by the sun.

Another beautiful fenceline row.

Luminous clouds.

Cows, field, and grasses.

One of many farms.

A lone cow.

You can see a fence if you look closely here.
Just beautiful. Wouldn't you love to go down each road you see?

Dusk, getting nearer to home.

Restful trees.

Do you also love to take pictures? There used to be two clubs you could join in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area.

I am hoping to join at least one this year or attend a function to learn more about photography.

Here is the most popular group:

The Sunny 16 Camera Club

Sunny 16 Public FB page

And here is a new group on Facebook:
The Post your photos of Bowling Green, Kentucky FB page


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