Saturday, February 23, 2013

Concave 2013 is Concave 34 in Bowling Green, Kentucky

 Wow - 34 Concaves already!

This is my first Concave posting for this year on my blogs.

I brought my swimsuit this year, so I got to go swimming and get in the hot tub today. It felt great. You can see the hot tub area right past the fence in this picture:

I have a few photos and more on Facebook and my From the Garden Spot blog too.

I saw lots of gamers there, some neat costumes and had some great food last night too. I've got a few pieces of art in the Art Show this time, so that is fun too.

The Art Auction is later tonight, and I always enjoy that.

This year, there are more Hucksters than ever. They each have rooms around the pool in the Atrium area. Books, jewelry, games, collectibles, art, and more is available. I look forward to looking at more things today.

Off to post on my other blog.

(Above) This semi-quiet area did not stay quiet a lot last night. I brought our noise machine and some earplugs though, just in case.

Here is a posting on my From the Garden Spot blog:

Concave #34: It's all about the parties...

And here are some other sites:

Concave - Kentucky's longest running science fiction convention

Concave on Facebook

And here are some other photos of past Concaves:

Concave 30

Concave 2012

Concave on Flickr


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