Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Bookworm - a Nashville bookstore going out of business

Our visit to The Bookworm in Nashville

I was sorry to see that this bookstore was going out of business. We'd been there before, and bought a couple of books.

Now, since the store is going out of business, most books are $2.00, and some new ones are 1/2 off cover price.

So why are they going out of business? One of the owners thinks that e-readers are the reason.

I'm not so sure.

Parnassus Books has recently opened in Nashville too. They have many books on display, a special children's section, and events nearly every day. They are doing a good business.

And Barnes and Noble are selling their own e-reader, as well as books, games, and lattes.

But this store is not the only one I've heard of that is going out of business. I say, at least for older people, bookstores CAN still be a business that makes money. I like books AND ebooks. They both have their place with me.

I enjoy holding and arranging a "regular" book, but also find it fun to look at an e-book occasionally.

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