Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A busy day updating blogs, Squidoo, and more...

I am having a busy day!

I just updated my selling page, The Best Books and Collectibles.

I realized that I had way too many links there, plus didn't have enough things to look at on the page. So I took a lot of links off, took a column out, and added some Amazon links that I like too.

Next step will be sharing more products and things for sale there.

Also, I updated my From the Garden Spot blog, which features selected events for the Bowling Green area. I added some pages, and events.

Now to go to the Squidoo site and see if I can do a quick Lens Page about My Favorite Etsy Stores. I'll post the link here when I get it done. Then I will "bless" some lenses I like there and visit their discussion boards.

This blog has the title, The Moon and the Willow Tree.

This year, (in the Spring or Summer) I hope to take some willow branches and make a homemade living fence with some of them. It should be fun!

All for now,

PS And thanks for visiting!

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