Monday, December 10, 2012

Love Booksales? I do, too. Here are some thoughts and a neat website.

I went to another fun booksale with Rickey recently.

These are always fun. Sometimes (often!) you can find treasures there. Thanks for taking me, Rickey!

I found some (non-library marked) paperbacks there I liked for reading AND for trading. And I got to say hi to a couple of old friends there too.

Like sometimes happens, there were a couple of probable dealers there. How could I tell? Because they were taking books off the shelves fast - - too fast - - and loading them into their bags or onto their arms. The problem was, they were not letting others look at these books. I know I (and others) may have lost out on a lot of books this way.

I don't think this is polite, but there is not a Rules Sheet around, so it is (regrettably) legal. 

Personally, I was reading the titles and checking the books out first like usual. And letting others look too, if possible. And switching off positions in the line.

It was pretty crowded, especially in the non-fiction aisle, especially at first because we were there close to the opening. Sometimes people would stand so that nobody could get by. This is annoying, but I have come to expect it.

What I do if a section is crowded is (usually) go to another, less crowded section, and just chalk it up. Or I try to crane my neck and look interested. Sometimes, someone will move over. Sometimes not.

It is just more pleasant when people are nice to each other at book sales. I like to share my viewing with others. And some other people do too. I don't want to push somebody away or say something I might regret - - so if I run across somebody hogging a section, I just move away for awhile.

I have learned some other things in my times at book sales. Some things I don't usually buy anymore (unless they are about a favorite hobby or somehow special in another way) are:

Hardcovers, and

Library stamped books.

They are harder to trade, and not worth as much usually. And I feel like I have enough hardcovers. I'm sure I may be missing out sometimes, but for now I'm going to mostly skip these. Hardcovers are usually bigger too, and I have a dearth of shelf space, to put it mildly. They are also heavier, as a rule.

Something I want to share with my awesome readers: if you love book sales, you can find out about them by subscribing to Book Sale Finder's Sale Mail.

Checking at the site today, I found out that you can also get "Book Sales to Go" which lets you know about book sales taking place while you travel too - for your Garmin and your TomTom, plus a generic version.

What a great idea!


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