Friday, June 15, 2012

Ning Alternatives... for your group or interest

Are you a member of a Ning group?

I was member of three different Ning groups in the past who have left the site. Ning is a great social networking site. The problem is, it is expensive. The reason some groups left was that Ning once offered FREE group memberships, but does not now.

To be fair, I do like Ning as a platform for a club. It allows groups of all kinds with not much programming knowledge to have a pretty full-featured site that is fun to visit online.

You can personalize your site there too, and make your group signup completely like you want. You can limit access also.

BUT for me the objection was not having a free choice or alternative inside the platform.

Now several other sites offer group postings and free bulletin boards for those who have a club with not a lot of extra spending money.

Some of these sites I have noticed on my emails and groups. It is called BigTent. I will go to explore it later and find out if I want to use it. Right now I use Yahoo Groups and I like it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it does have a moderated membership and postings where I can take out offensive or ad postings, plus screen potential group applicants to make sure they aren't just trying to advertise too.

There are also some other startup groups that are not as well-known yet. Some of these are SocialGO, Webs, (, and mixxt.

(Note: somebody has bought Grouply, so don't bother trying to put your group there. There may be others like this too.)

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