Thursday, December 06, 2012

Thank goodness for duct tape!

Duct tape - by Markbritton via Wikimedia Commons.

I made another Duct Tape Repair today. 

 I was so glad to have it around, and a FULL roll.

It was grey. And I mended my dryer vent with it. I made the longest strips ever, and taped it around and to itself. Not that I don't have to do more repairs, I do. But I fixed it for now.

So.....So far, so good.

Just saying.

I really like Duct Tape and also scotch tape and masking tape. They are all awesome.

I have even mended furniture with duct tape before. I have yet to find out if the white sticky stuff that is left there after you take the duct tape OFF will come off with Goo Gone.

But it did help - - that is, the Duct Tape did.

So today I want to shout a huge hooray for the stuff.


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