Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fluffy snow is so appealing... some photos.

Don't you just love snow?

Here in South Central Kentucky we got a nice, fluffy snowfall yesterday. It melted soon after it fell, but it was sure pretty.

This big building may still be for sale. I would buy it if I had the money. It's a fine old building. The Odd Fellows group used to meet there. There are lots of office spaces there too, plus the bottom part is rented.

The snow looks nice in front of here too. So far, Bowling Green has not had much of the white stuff. But I do like seeing it here sometimes. Of course, on the news, we saw other parts of the country with cars piled up, accidents, and vehicles trying to get out of snow drifts (the dark side of a snowfall!) too.

But isn't snow just delightful sometimes?

The snow looks especially good downtown. The park is so pretty. Plus I like the buildings in downtown Fountain Square Park here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Especially the older ones. They do look especially good with some snow falling in front of them. :-)

Above, you can see Tea Squares is open (the building with the awning). They have soup, great sandwiches, and of course, little squares of cake you can have for dessert. Also, there is lots to look at in the store. Just get a little wooden table and check out the wall displays. You can buy gifts there too.
Teresa Shea, an owner, is often there - I got to meet her after she moved here from New Orleans. If you see her, say hi for me.

And two doors down to the left is Mr. Holland at his store, Holland House. His little (but cute!) store features lots of items for stamp and coin collectors. I saw some really neat old U.S. paper money last time I was there. I like the displays there.

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