Monday, November 12, 2012

A Fun Breakfast at Taco Del Mar

Rickey and I have been talking about visiting this new Mexican place, Taco Del Mar. 

We almost didn't go in today, mostly because it wasn't in its own building, but instead attached to a Shell station. But it was cute outside. It had a surfboard table too.

I took some pictures (below).

We each had a Breakfast Burrito, which turned out pretty big, because we could have all kinds of good stuff in it (custom made) and I picked guacamole, lettuce, salsa, and more (but as usual NOT hot peppers...) They had chorizo, and I liked it too.

I also had a Breakfast Taco, but took it home for lunch, along with half of the Breakfast Burrito.  We said we'd try to go back, maybe for breakfast, and maybe for lunch. Without the coffee, our bill was only $7.80. Not bad!

We liked the decorations and photos around the restaurant AND the price. I went next door to get a hot coffee and there was sugar-free vanilla coffee too so I made a combo.

Rickey looked Taco Del Mar up online, and found out it was a chain. It was one I had never been to before. I think they will get more visitors when there is a Corvette Museum event. I hope they get to stay. It's a cute place.

I liked it, and so did Rickey.  I think I'll put the pictures up on Facebook too.

Ale 8 - next door

Friends and Family - also 1961?

1961 - notice the rudders on these big size surfboards.

Check out the BIG surfboards around.

Love the hut topper.

Tiki Table!
I like the tree too.


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