Sunday, September 09, 2012

Farmer's Market Update - #1, #2, and #3 were fun!

Bowling Green now has three Farmer's Markets, and some people are talking about adding one next year MAYBE near Fountain Square, or a part of one already here. We shall see.

Veggies photo from Wikimedia Commons.

 I like the many Farmer's Markets here in Bowling Green.  I found eggs, of course vegetables, new meat suppliers, a basketmaker, another artist, garlic, many mum flower sellers (the flowers, not the people), and also some great homemade salsa, which I love to have with my veggies and eggs.

I think the prices varied a lot. Which would be OK if I just asked prices all around and then got the most reasonable veggie.

But when I ask a price, it's hard for me to be rude and walk away when the price is high. I usually just buy whatever it is, and then learn my lesson if the price is too high. I did that again yesterday.

But eventually I know I will change that, and find my favorite vendors.

For example, some eggs cost $3.00. Others cost $5.00. And they were both natural and good. So next time I will pick the $3.00 ones, (Or the $2.50 ones) if I haven't already bought some at Trader Joe's in Nashville.

We bought some good veggies. After that, we were hungry, so we ate some hot dogs at Rapid Rick's, who on Scottsville Road. The sausage and hot dogs were delicious.

There were some surprises at the Farmer's Markets.

Some vendors joked around ( I love that!) and I found some chestnuts to roast and also a beautiful little multicolored squash to cook.

Everyone was offering mums, many from truck beds. There were good smells coming from some other booths, which I haven't tried (yet!)

These pretty mums are also from the Wikipedia Commons site.

We looked for Laura Bain-Selbo, a potter at the SKY Farmer's Market, but she had come there and then left. Darn! It was raining earlier, but nice when we went by.

I noticed birdhouses, corn, huge sweet potatoes, and heritage tomatoes, plus peas just shelled by one very nice vendor. Also, the tomatoes at many stands were huge. I think I'll cook the peas today.

Here are some photos from our hot dog and sausage repast:

Rick put everything on mine, and Rickey got mustard and sauerkraut.

I thought I'd get the prices on here.
Rick posing! He got some more customers after us.

Rick has water, pop, and also chips here.

And here is another surprise: Rapid Rick said that he had to offer sauerkraut from packages he had in his cooler. It's Kentucky State law.

Which Rickey thought was funny, because sauerkraut is its own natural preservative, because it is made like pickles.

All in all, it was a fun trip. Even though I got mustard on my pants. :-)

Oh! Big news! The Community Farmer's Market hopes to move into the Old Mall this year and be year-round. I think that's great. I will go check on them later.

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