Friday, September 14, 2012

Some of my favorite blogs...

Some Blogs I Love...
Clipped from Vanity Fair Magazine cover, 1915, on Wikimedia Commons.

I have signed up for SO many blogs. Some are good for my online businesses, and some I just like because they are fun reading.

There are some blogs that I really love, but I definitely like ALL the blogs I read.

Here are just a few of my favorites, in case you are looking for a neat blog to read.

The Truthout Blog is a grownup blog for thinkers, and features stories about many current events, and the stories behind them. Truthout shows other angles and thoughtful commentary on today's news.

The Ask Leo newsletter blog/site has much information about computers, questions from readers, and great how-to advice. It is written by Leo Notenboom. I find many unusual questions and answers here, most on the PC platform.

Forgotten Old Photos - this blog is pure heaven for people who love to see or collect old postcards. It is so much fun to explore on this site, and read all the postings. (When I can!) Sometimes she finds out who the photos belong to, other and most times, not.

Problogger features stories for people who write blogs online. They have a great book out, and I have it too. Problogger helps bloggers figure out what they want to accomplish, and helps to do that. Bloggers who want to make money blogging can get many ideas from this blog.

What's a Girl to Do? Tinky writes about her life. This issue is all about her trip to New York to sell some art treasures from India.

Hear the Raven's Call - Raven writes about her life, healing, and sharing. Her blog is a place for positive thoughts and for inspiration. Her blog won the Toast of Music City award in 2012 for Best Blog and Best Visual Artist.

Have you signed up to get any blogs in your Inbox? It's easy to do. Most blogs have a signup place on the side where you can put your email address. From then on you get a copy of their blog and a link to go read it online whenever they publish.

Do you have a favorite blog? List it as a comment!


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