Friday, August 17, 2012

The American Idol Tryouts in Bowling Green, Kentucky

I heard these were such fun to watch and listen to.

And it happened today in Fountain Square Park! Many people lined up to watch. I caught a few pictures of the line as I came in to the Pots Place today.

There was a LOT of talent! I also took a closeup of a singer trying out for the judges.

Here are some of my photos from today:

The Square, blocked off for American Idol hopefuls.

The line stretched all the way down to Mariah's this morning.

A tryout closeup.

It was fun to see the beginning and part of the middle of the tryouts.

I have more photos posted on Flickr and also on Facebook.

Exciting, exciting. This may pull me towards watching American Idol this season. I especially want to watch the tryouts that took place today!


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