Thursday, July 26, 2012

Phillips Toy Mart in Nashville Tennessee - some photos too

How fun to see these toys! I (again!) saw things I really liked at Phillips'.

Well, we went to Phillip's Toy Mart again, getting ready for Christmas and just generally seeing what was there.

There are still some neat erasers there (in different shapes) but not so many as last year. Maybe they will make a purchase of more later.

The train set is still up, and getting lots of interest from the younger set (and me!)

This is a great store. I saw some mirrored pens from India, a great doll selection, some magnetic paper dolls, lots of trains, and the best little "stocking stuffers" imaginable up front. I also liked some of the new style stuffed animals and the Babushka doll from Russia. I used to have one of those!

Here are some pictures that may take you back to childhood or just make you want to be a kid again! Personally, I think lots of these toys are great for all ages.

Here is the front door - and those so-cute monsters.

The aisles are just crammed with neat stuff.

See the little face across the table? :-)

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Our recent trip to Phillips Toy Mart in Nashville.

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