Monday, July 30, 2012

Facebook thoughts for today - are you on Facebook?

Are you on Facebook?

I am. I like it a lot. I have met some old friends there, and also some new ones.

Powder Blug Tang fish by Joi Ito at

I like sharing some jokes and animal pages and photos for my followers too. Sometimes my Facebook friends share travel photos and also photos of animals and wild natural areas.

I also like to share my photographs there on Facebook, and also on Flickr.

If you know me personally, I have my personal Facebook page here:
My Betsyanne personal page

And if you don't (that's OK!) try my Like Facebook page here:
My Like Facebook page.

It will be nice to have you as my Facebook friend there.

I enjoy seeing what others are doing, joining groups on Facebook, being an activist there, and seeing the news too.

What do you like about Facebook? Have you been on it long?


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