Monday, June 18, 2012

Some great newsletters you can sign up for. Sharing!

Neat online newsletters - A - Posting #1.
I like getting online newsletters, when they are interesting. Sometimes I share theinformation online on Twitter. (See the links at the bottom to join me there too).

So today I thought I would share just a few of these with you today. Sometimes it's just fun to open your email and find some free newsletters there!

Hobby and Fun Newsletters

#1. Genealogy Tip of the Day - I need all the tips I can get, as I am still a beginning Genealogist. I have had several (well maybe more than 10) intensive trainings online (by myself) but I can use all the tips this site gives too. I am also taking a class in Genealogy given by an expert, as part of the BGAMUG Genealogy SIG right before each monthly BGAMUG Computer Club meeting.

#2. Mashable - tech news and a lot more. They have many different newsletters.

#3. how to sign up for newsletters. Poynter has many journalism courses taught be experts.

Activist Newsletters
#1. The Congressman Dennis Kucinich newsletter - this man is so full of great ideas. I wish he were President.

#2. The Alzheimer's Reading Room - The author's mother, Dotty, had Alzheimer's. This blog talked about his experiences. Now he is thinking about her and remembering his caregiving journey and helping other families.

#3. Amnesty International website (sign up for the newsletter at upper left).

I will list some more later.

List your favorite newsletter or newsletters below. Thanks!

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