Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12th Holidays and More, Loving Day, Crowded Nests, and Peanut Butter Cookies.

Holidays for today, June 12th, 2012, and 
Betsy's Soapbox for the Day.

Some beautful and colorful flowers from Vicci at her Moon, Stars, and Paper blog

According to the site Brownielocks.com (their June page), today has three different holidays they like. Here they are, in no particular order.

#1. Crowded Nest Awareness Day

#2. National Peanut Butter Cookie Day


#3. Loving Day, a day celebrating legalized interracial marriage. (The name is from the Loving vs. Virginia court case). I didn't know much about this ruling until the last few years. Find out more at the Loving Day website. 

I especially like the last name of the first couple (Loving!) to be legally married and have different races.

It's hard to pick a favorite between these. The best and most important day is probably #3, because it celebrates repealing a situation that wasn't right in the first place.

I do love peanut butter cookies, though people who are allergic probably don't, but hopefully can have almond cookies or something to approximate the nutty-good taste.

Crowded Nest Awareness Day is another one I have not heard of. BUT I do know about a site and page that celebrate this awareness in a big way every day. It is called  Gypsy Nesters. This couple celebrates their life without kids by traveling and writing about their free and gypsy-like life.

It is a whole new and original take on being an empty nester. Their description of their website is "The Gypsy Nester - Celebrating Life After Kids - Breaking the Empty Nest Rules."

Here they are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gypsynesters.

Know of more neat holidays today? List them below as a comment.

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