Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day is Worker's Day - - and Occupy is planning a General Strike

The Occupy Movement is Celebrating International Worker's Day
The original photo of this is by Pinkyracer on Flickr.

Some Occupy groups are calling for a Spring general strike on May Day (May 1st) according to an article on Bloomberg News.

Personally, I'm glad somebody is talking about workers and helping to raise awareness of the growing disparity and inequality that is happening between the haves and the have-nots, the 99 percent and the 1 percent.

I am glad that we have at least some change in our Health Insurance laws, and hope that the Supreme Court will OK even more changes.

And I hope that the perpetrators of the financial collapse that led to many people having to lose their homes can be fined, taken to the cleaners, and forced to pay back as much money as possible that they lost.

Are the banks still too big to fail? Will people have to pay bigger and bigger co-pays on their insurance? Will the minimum wage be raised to a living wage? These are important questions and problems that the Occupy Movement is trying to bring out into the open so people can figure out solutions to them.

I say, Go, Occupy! Have a Great May Day Celebration. You are doing a good deed for the country.

Want to learn more? Here are a few websites and Facebook pages that I like:

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The Michael Moore Facebook Page

Via Michael Moore: the NYC Full Schedule of Permitted and Unpermitted May Day 2012 Actions /

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