Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Will I still be able to access my photos? News from another computer disaster.

Willow trees and water. Photo by James West, westy478 on Flickr.
I am uploading some files from the recovery site BackBlaze today.

I'm glad I didn't request a NEW scan of my new files, because I don't have all that many (yet) on my newer computer. It might have overwritten the files I already saved.

Maybe I will be able to put all my programs back on my computer. I hope so! So glad I backed them up.

But I may not have backed up my photos, at least not all of them. This happened last time too. My new rule about photos will be that I will not just save them on my iPhoto application. Instead, I will save them to my Flickr account.

The link I put for Flickr will lead to my sets. Anyway, putting them on two sites will assure a good backup for them.

You can get a free Flickr account there too, if you have not used this site. If you want more room for your photos, you can upgrade.

I just found out today that Flickr has some good mobile apps that I hope to try out this year, when I get a phone upgrade.

Leave a comment - - have you ever lost your photos on your computer more than once?

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