Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting ready for summer! What a great Spring so far...

My biggest Fairy Door at the Pots Place.
Spring has arrived with a vengeance!

All of a sudden my yard here in South Central Kentucky was overgrown! But I found a great lawn person to come over and help out today.

He was very nice. I was impressed that he came over the same day I called.

Now to get my mowers ready for the summer.

And of course I will want to grow some more tomatoes. Maybe this will be the year I will actually can some veggies.

My wildlife sees some activity from my friendly mole (more rooms added to his warren) but I haven't seen my usual bunnies. 1-2 new squirrels have taken up residence in the willow tree. AND there are many birds visiting this year.

Also: is it just my imagination or have the bugs started being active pretty early?

I head downtown to the Pots Place tomorrow. I might bring my computer and catch up on work.

Oh! Check above for this week's activities around town in Bowing Green Kentucky too. Just click on the  page button at the top of this blog labeled "Bowling Green Kentucky Events Page" with date. It is right under the description of this blog.

Leave a comment. Are you excited about summer too?


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