Saturday, March 24, 2012

FYI: Rescue your Picnik Files from their site


FYI: You may be leaving your Picnik photos and art in the rain unless you pack your photo groceries up right away.

i.e.: Do you use the Picnik editing site? If you do, you may have photo or art files there.

Here is that site:

Here is a heads up. Picnik is switching over to Google+. So, if you do not download your files by April 19th (try the 18th to be safe...) you may lose your photos you have stored here.

I just had one (whew!). But if you have used it in the past, you need to log in and copy these files to your computer desktop ASAP. They make it easy, luckily, and have a "Takeout Menu" that is easy to do once you accept the new terms. Then just download your files.

You will thank me. Something similar happened to some of my files last year that were stored on Delicious. They sent an email, but I didn't get it somehow. Then I lost my files. There was no way to get them back.

So if you are wondering, just go and check just in case.

As an added bonus, the Picnik site is allowing everyone online to use their premium service until the deadline too. I may try it, but of course will save any edited photos to my desktop at the end of the tryout, on the same day.

All for now,

PS I enjoyed Picnik when I used it. But I do wish websites that are leaving would keep their customers' art or files longer just in case they don't get the official email. Here is hoping this posting will help somebody keep their files.

PPS Yup, "The Ants have Invaded..." The site says this when you go there. Pretty apropos.

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