Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A fun find at a thrift store today - a Pushins keychain!

I found the neatest keychain today.

I bought a "grab bag" because I could see see-through plastic playing cards in it. I received a small change purse (just like one I use, only newer), a fake flower lei, some key holders, some other miscellany, AND something totally cool - a retro Pushins keychain.

Pushins was a popular department store in Bowling Green. I tried looking up some photos of it online, but could not find any. Maybe later.

It is two-sided, and has a Higgins Slacks ad on the back. How fun is that!

Here are photos from my find:

Pushin's keychain side A

Higgins Slacks - Famous for Fit

I am so excited about my find. I didn't even see it in the bag when I bought it!

So fun.

If you ever shopped at Pushins or know more about it, leave a comment.


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