Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Willow Tree, posterized and photoshopped

I already put this picture on Facebook, but I wanted to share it here.

It is SO fun to play with Photoshop.

The closest tree here is the Willow Tree, which I named this blog for.

I added the orbs to make the photo look more interesting.

I love the sunsets around here for their beautiful color.

When I get another camera, I will be able to do even more.

Of course, when I learn what the different settings do on the camera I have now, it may change my mind about needing another one for awhile.

There are two local camera clubs.

I may join one this year or next.

Today I spruced up the windows downtown at the Pots Place. It was fun!

Helen brought in some yarn holder pots, which people have been asking for, and the other potters have been hard at work too, making dog bone holders, snack pots, and big bowls.

Incidentally, The Pots Place in downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky has a website and a Facebook page. Come visit!

Here is hoping things are going well for you. Leave a comment!



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