Monday, December 19, 2011

Want to make money online? Here are some tips and mentors to help.

Do you want to be successful online?

There are many ways to go about it. With patience, you can increase your web presence and help other people at the same time.

Of course, there are many people online who will help you become successful. I have discovered several that I really like. Many of these have free resources to help people who can't afford the classes too.

Here are some I can personally recommend:

Stephen Weber - Stephen has been online helping others with their online businesses for years. He is the author of The Home Based Bookstore. He has Selling Books tips here, and has another blog on the site called Plug your Blog.

His latest book is Barcode Booty on Amazon. Other popular books of his are Ebay 101 and Plug Your Book.

AnnaLaura Brown is another really neat person with plenty to share on her website. She also has a Facebook page. I just saw another Facebook page that is called Health and Wealth with AnnaLaura that is here. AnnaLaura sells health products and has courses on how to do what she does for a living.

Susanne Arant Wells is an Amazon Consultant. She also has a Facebook page here.

She is also listed at LinkedIn here. Here are some of her other sites:
Robin Rice is an author, and wrote Be Who You Are. She helps inspire people on their money-making journey and has a website too. I love her Facebook postings. You can learn more about her on The Awesome Women Hub on Facebook too, where she is the founder.

Lynn Terry - I have just recently discovered Lynn. She started a great (and fun!) video blog at Click Newz and helps other people learn how to do internet marketing, affiliate sales and blog. She is on Facebook here. I love the professional look of her video blog and how her sites and blog keep improving.

Many of these people have free ebooks and some have free mini-seminars for you to see just what niche and online business you prefer before signing up for a class. And you don't have to sign up for the classes either; just if you want to.

Free ways of learning from these mentors include signing up for every free email newsletter these mentors have. You can learn a lot that way. Also look to see free offers, seminars, and videos you can watch for free.

Researching things like keyword research and best practices can also be done on the internet for free.

There are many opportunities today to set up your own business and make extra money. Ebay is still a viable option, along with Amazon and other selling sites, which also allow you to sell ebooks for a profit.

With patience, you can build up your online business you choose to give your family some needed extra cash.

Are you ready to find out how to make money on the internet? Check out these information providers and coaches and let me know who you like best and why.

And good luck to you!

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