Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with our Furbaby, Boss Kitty Quotes

We have a cat named Bossie. 

That name is short for Boss Kittie. Because she's the boss. And of course, she was included in our festivities yesterday.

She got a package of small crispy-sounding mice with little rattles inside. She liked the first one I threw down after a time. Her favorite activity yesterday was the same activity she likes most days - - watching the people do things.

We do love our Furbaby. She is funny, smart, and loveable - an older tuxedo cat. She came to us at the most perfect time.

Here is a photo of her spoiled self:

Here are some Boss Kitty Quotes:

"Don't let things bother you. Live for today."

"For some reason, my humans don't want me near the door."

"Have a problem? Take a nap."

"One time I brought a mouse to my humans. They didn't notice for a whole day."

"I wonder where I will hide today."

"I wish my humans would give me a treat so I can smell it. Not that I would actually eat it, I prefer hard cat food."

It's fun to see what they will try to get me to eat next."

"Those dogs who keep barking want to get off their chains and go for a nice walk."

"I like to let my humans I am around and like attention. Laying down in a high traffic area helps."

"These crunchy mice are great to get for a present, but I prefer the real ones."

"I love it when my humans pick me up and let me see the top shelves. There might be a cricket there."

As some other pet owners say about their other loved ones, "She's a mess."

I hope everyone is having a great holiday break. XOXOXO


You can learn more about Boss Kittie here on my Squidoo page: My Cat Boss Kitty - Her Story.

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