Monday, September 19, 2011

People make such Stupid Decisions in Horror Movies

Photo from Ky_Olson on Flickr.
It's one of my pet peeves.

Just why do people make really really stupid decisions in horror movies?

I am sure you have noticed it too. It just boggles the mind and is so funny. Here are just a few situations and decisions I know you will recognize:

#1. Somebody is inside a haunted house. They are scared. There comes a knock on the door. THE PERSON OPENS THE DOOR.

#2. Somebody is inside a house. Somebody wants to kill them. The phone rings. THEY ANSWER IT.

#3. A monster is killing people left and right. Now they want to kill somebody else. They move towards the person. THE PERSON DOES NOT MOVE. So they die.

#4. Somebody is running away from somebody with a gun or a knife. They run UPSTAIRS, or UP A LADDER or UP INTO A DEAD END.

#5. A crazy murderer is looking for the last person alive in a house. This person HIDES IN A CLOSET or HIDES UNDER THE BED.

#6. A horrible monster is trying to get in a house. Somebody is still in the house. THAT PERSON STAYS IN THE HOUSE instead of running away out the back door.

#7. The heros stop at a deserted town. Nobody is around. There is a totally bad feeling about the whole place. They decide to get out of the car AND WALK AROUND.

And of course the best one:

#8. The terrible killing monster or murderer makes a noise. The person in danger WALKS TOWARDS THE NOISE.

I feel like shouting "No! No! Bad choice!" when I see these things happening. It does tickle my funnybone sometimes, and other times just makes me shake my head.

I loved this subject so much that I have made a NEW Squidoo lens page about it too. Here it is:
Horror Movies and Stupid Choices - (why do people make stupid choices in horror movies?)

I am sure you can think of another funny and very stupid decision in a horror movie. List it below!

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