Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 memories, the 10-year anniversary today, thoughts about it

9-11 Memories...
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I was visiting my Mom today in Nashville, and of course also have been thinking about the first 9-11 in 2001, like many others here in the U.S. today.

I did get to see part of what happened this day in 2001 on TV at my job I used to have here in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

A co-worker had brought a television from home and it was plugged in near his press.

I did really wonder about that for the first few seconds. Why did this guy have a TV on the chair near his work area? Then he said "Look at this!" and I did. The news reporter on the TV showed a film clip of a plane flying into a building in New York. I couldn't believe it. The announcer was so serious and said "We have been attacked..."  At the time, I did not really know what was happening or what it meant.

I watched in horror as the scene unfolded. Before the buildings fell - there were the fires, the smoke, the people at the windows, the helicopter I hoped would lower a rope and rescue somebody, the two people holding hands and standing at the window, the jumping, the falling. I lost track of time watching it, but actually I probably only watched for about ten minutes.

I remember telling my co-worker that this was "another Pearl Harbor," the only event coming close to what I was seeing. I thought a war was probably coming next.

At the time, most of the people at the company had left to go home and watch the events there. I and some others left soon after. I would still have been at my desk a lot longer, though, if that kind person hadn't come to tell me to come and watch what would turn out to be a pivotal event in the life of this country, and a disaster of the first magnitude. I want to thank him for thinking of me and coming to get me.

And later, over and over, I remember seeing the the video of the plane(s) flying into the buildings - - seemingly on continuous loop that evening after I came home. And I found out then about the other locations where planes flew with horrendous results.

Unlike me, some people were actually at or near the events happening that day. And many knew people that died or were hurt that day. Many saw a lot more than I did - whether in person or on television.

And some very brave people actually helped others that day even though it would kill them or hurt their health forever.

One person who helped at Ground Zero said today, "The real heroes are those who went in and never came out."

I have seen some news coverage today, and heard some first-person stories. And I know there are more stories out there that have not been told. Yet.

What do you want to share about that day? Leave a comment about your personal experience ten years ago on 9-11.

Thank you.

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