Friday, May 13, 2011

Trouble in River City - Blogger is back, and so is Twitter.

Blogger is finally back! (and Twitter is too).

First off, don't hackers have better things to do than wreck websites and waste time for people? I mean, seriously. But I guess some are trying to get personal information and make money a la Moriarty.

Blogger blog users have been winging it and complaining at @blogger (Blogger on Twitter)  for at least a day. I think personally a hacker took the site down but you never know. It could have been a maintenance error.

The scariest part for me was to go to my Blogger blogs and look at the funny status bar at the top and bottom (a strange photo of another page) and wonder if another Blogger blog (also mine) was gone forever. I'm glad it wasn't!

But on the good side: Hurray! Now I can update my blogger blogs.

I quickly went to Twitter to tweet about it and guess what? No page at Twitter! Which is also annoying. But I tried again in a little while and it is working fine.

If it IS a single hacker going around taking sites down or even messing with them, I wish people knew who it was so they could put them in jail.

Seriously... some people are making it VERY hard for bloggers by hacking around. Don't they have anything better to do??

But on the good side again, it COULD be worse... right? Have you had problems with hackers? Tell your story below as a comment. Or vent about your not being able to access your pages sometimes. It's frustrating...

PS As I publish this blog today, the front page of Twitter has opened up for me. Now to get inside to my Twitter page.

Join me! I am @betsyanne, @nontrads, and @scholarsgrants on Twitter. If you can't get in to the site, I'm sure it will be fixed soon.

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