Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some fun Etsy stores - what a fun place to shop.

 I have been checking out various Etsy stores now for over a year. 

Etsy stores online are fun because many of the things there are handmade and original. They are not the usual things you see every day.

If you have not explored the many stores here, I suggest that you go there right away -- because it's a lot of fun.

My Aunt has an Etsy store. She collects beautiful pieces of glass and driftwood, on the beach. She also makes very cute things with them.

You can see her shop, On the Beach, here:

Do you love pretty and colorful hand-dyed yarn? The Wooly Wench has some unique things:

I love these wonderful handmade leather bags too from Copper River Bags:

Here is some Victorian button jewelry:

And here are more gorgeous leather bags - with ruffles!

These canvas bags from Christy's studio are a lot less money

Go here to check out all of my favorites so far: (including hats)

I wish I could put some pictures here of what they have. But all you have to do to see some of their products is to go to a link and see everything they have in their stores.

So... Tell me, do you love Etsy as much as I do?

Go to Etsy and browse around.

Have fun! And leave a comment if you have a store, or have some favorites you would like to share.

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The pretty beach photo is from the Microsoft Clipart pages.


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